Dynasound Sound Masking

Sound masking systems reduce conversational distractions.  Distractions decrease worker concentration, productivity, accuracy and satisfaction. 

The Genster 2013 Workplace Survey reported, "53% o employees are disturbed by others when trying to focus." TeleSolutions can help fix this.   Call us today 801-268-1405

A Dynasound networked, centralized of distributed sound masking system, or a white noise system, is a comprehensive integrated solution designed to meet the unique challenges of our busy, noise work environments.  A comprehensive solutions will deliver superior performance, efficiency, flexibility, and reliability when and where you need it.

Sound masking, or white noise, systems produce a quieter sound, not just more sound but a quiet frequency that targets specific frequencies, the distracting noise, so they can eliminate the interference!

   Sound Masking Systems

Reduce distractions, increase productivity, increase your workers concentration so they work efficiently.  Adding sound masking can help solve privacy issues that are inherent in our open office environments.