Voice / Data Cabling Installation for Salt Lake City and Utah

Structured Cabling, Network Cabling, Voice Cabling, Fiber Optic Cabling, CCTV Cabling, CAT3, CATE5, CATE5e, CAT6, CAT6a.

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TeleSolutions has been cabling Salt Lake City and all over Utah for many years we are based in Murray.  From one CAT3 voice line to thousands for CAT6 data cables. Maybe your data network room has gotten out of control and it needs to be cleaned up or you need to move it to a better room. Don't pay more then you have to, call us for an estimate 801-268-1405. TeleSolutions stands behind our work, all network cabling is certified and tested.  Our goal here is to provide high-quality products and professional installations at a low cost from a single cable to hundreds, Category 5e/6/6A, fiber optic, outside or inside the plant, fusion splicing, we can accommodate you.

     Inherited a mess, we can fix it!